Do you think you are using the right cutting board in your kitchen?

My recommendation is a GLASS cutting board if you are not already chopping on it!

1. Plastic cutting board:  is the easiest to find and dishwasher safe but did you know that when you cut your veggies on it, it will leach that plastic in your food making it a health hazard. Also the scarring from the knife will leave pockets for food particles and bacteria to accumulate.

2. Wooden/Bamboo cutting board: is not a health hazard but are somewhat porous and do carry the risk of lodging the food particles and bacteria.

3. Tempered Glass cutting board:  is highly sanitary and easy to clean because of its non porous surface. It will save you from plastic you are about to ingest and also the bacteria you might come across. The only disadvantage is your knife will wear off sooner.

Tip: Foods can be slippery on a glass surface so it will take some time for you to get used to it. Be slow and you will master it! You can find one @ Corningware stores or Amazon.

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  1. Any link you may know where to buy one. Most of them on Amazon are tempered glass or acrylic Ty

  2. I bought mine from Amazon: It is tempered glass and works good. Only thing is as I mentioned you will have to get used to it since we would have used plastic ones for a while so. Here’s the link:
    I also saw them in corelle/corningware outlet store but couldn’t find the link. Good luck!

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