Weight Loss Success Story

Julia’s Weight Loss Success Story

Traditionally prevalent belief is that–“weight gain causes health problems”. And so the traditional weight loss approach calls for increased physical activity or restricting caloric intake by following calories in, calories out formula.

However, for most people, sustainable weight loss is anything but a simple formula because the human body is complex, and each person is unique.

As a functional medicine practitioner, I have learned that weight gain, or inability to lose weight, is often a symptom of an underlying health problem that has not been addressed. The underlying problem might be hormonal or related to gut imbalance or due to impaired detoxification. If you look at it with a functional medicine lens- once you get healthy, weight loss will follow.

In my practice, I have had success by focusing on the root of the problem and not on the weighing scale!

Julia’s success story is an example of how and when the root of the problem- prediabetes in her case, was addressed – sustainable weight loss and more importantly robust health followed.

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