Tips to avoid weight gain

3 effective tips to AVOID weight gain this Holiday season!

At this time of the year, you may deviate from your regular eating pattern and indulge on some delicacies. Here are my 3 tips to enjoy the holidays while not putting on those pesky pounds!

1. Plan your portion sizes ahead of time: As you walk through the door visualize the small slice of cake or number of cookies you are going to limit yourself to. Enjoy those delicacies, but just in a smaller portion:)

2. Don’t skip meals or go to the party hungry: If you get to the party after you have skipped lunch or if you are very hungry that can make you deviate from your plan. In such a case, eat an apple or a nut bar on the way to be able to stick to the plan.

And the third and most important secret strategy of mine is to make sure you:

3. Get fiber at every meal to balance your blood sugar: Mindfully incorporate fiber (be it fruits, vegetables, lentils, beans, nuts, seeds, or oats) that you find available at the meal as it will be crucial to your success.

What does fiber do?

1) keeps you full 2) helps with digestion and, 3) keeps your blood sugar in control. What more can you ask for? We underestimate how MAGICAL fiber is!

Fruits, vegetables, legumes, oats, barley, nuts, and seeds are great sources of soluble fiber and are capable of giving you all the benefits while you enjoy your holidays.

How to mindfully add fiber to your holiday meals?

Some ways to include dietary fiber would be to have a side of vegetables, a cup of fruits, or a handful of nuts, sprinkle some chia seeds/hemp seeds on your entrée or salad, or have oats for breakfast.

Check out these fiber-rich recipes on my blog. Chia pudding makes a super-easy, healthy and delicious dessert. Another favorite one of mine is Overnight oats If you are the host, make it for your guests and for a healthier 2023!

How can I supplement fiber if getting it from foods is not an option?

Adults should get at least 25-38g of fiber every day. If you are not getting it from the plant-based foods mentioned above, consider supplemental fiber in form of inulin, psyllium husk, or Bimuno to continue getting the benefits and feeling well this holiday season.

I hope I was able to make a convincing case for FIBER to get a spot on your plate this Holiday Season!

Try these tips and give me your verdict in the New Year!

If you want to talk nutrition/ health goals with me I can be reached at 972-514-7956 or schedule a free 20 minutes on my calendar here

Wishing you the best of health and a blessed Holiday season!

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