Your investment to buy a professional blender like Vitamix might pinch your wallet but would be the best investment you can make for your health! 

A good blender will take a big leap towards your healthy lifestyle. It will truly be a lifestyle change and also change the way you cook – in a good way!


  • No need to sieve any food– be it wheatgrass, dressings, chutneys, sieve Enjoy fiber and all the nutrients in the whole super fine consistency.
  • Enjoy Veggie smoothie instead of a Veggie juice for your breakfast each morning. (If veggie juice is a IMG_6570good detox, veggie smoothie is the ultimate detox) Here’s the recipe for : Healthy morning breakfast
  • Time crunch cannot be an excuse because most recipes are done in 1 minute. 2015-05-19 01.56.35Grind your own flour for bread or chapati in 1 min-     Learn how to grind and enjoy the nutritious flour
  • Grind your wholesome grain ( Wheat, rice, quinoa, beans, etc) for healthy recipes.
  • Grate your own cheese in 10 secs. No need to buy chemical laden shredded cheese from store.
  • Above all cleaning is a breeze. Fill up the container with hot water and soap and run it for a minute. It will act like a dishwasher. Cleanup should not stop you from being healthy.
  • It is not only a blender- it is a food processor, dry and wet grinder, mini chopper, grater and blender. It is 5 in 1 appliance.


  • The one and only cons is high dollar amount which is difficult to accept. (As for me when I first saw the cost, I told myself- I don’t need it)

Trust me, you will thank me a lot for this tip! My sister convinced me to make this health investment. Cannot thank her enough!

Cheers to Vitality!

P.S. I am not a sales agent or have any affiliation with Vitamix. It is purely a recommendation based on my positive experience.

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