Food Sensitivities and/or Autoimmune diseases

Do you experience recurrent sore throat, clogged sinuses, or get frequent headaches?

Do you struggle with insomnia, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, or depression?

Are you looking for answers to unknown cause of chronic inflammation you have been dealing with?

 Food intolerances and sensitivities are much more common than allergies, with one study estimating a prevalence of 15-20%. At times we don’t realize that chronic food sensitivities and allergies can trigger a systemic increase of inflammation throughout the body, causing metabolic disruption, unhealthy aging, pain, fatigue, and skin disorders. An unknown source of chronic inflammation could be from food sensitivities. 

Food reactions can include enzyme deficiencies, nutrient malabsorption, or reactions to additives like sulfites or food colorings. Yet due to the diversity of symptoms and potential delay in response, food reactions/sensitivities can be challenging to diagnose.

Have you heard of the autoimmune triad? The three factors that all autoimmune conditions have in common could be summed as Genetic predisposition + Lifestyle and environmental triggers + Leaky gut.

The prevalence of autoimmune diseases has increased significantly more common in westernized societies over the last 30 years, causing chronic, debilitating dysfunction in those who suffer from these diseases. Rapid changes in disease prevalence point to a change in the patient’s environment rather than to genetic causes, to which these conditions have traditionally been ascribed. 

While much of the traditional treatment for autoimmune disease is aimed at relieving the pain or symptoms through immune-suppressing medications, Functional Medicine offers an alternative to symptom suppression by addressing the underlying mechanisms that cause autoimmunity, together we can prevent, and in some cases reverse autoimmune diseases.

My personal experience with Hashimoto’s is a close one. Of the eight close family members, four have hypothyroidism. While hypothyroidism cannot be reversed, my husband was able to put his autoimmunity into long-term remission by identifying and removing the trigger.

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