What I offer

Initial Consultation

This is the starting point for most new clients!
The initial consultation is included in the 1-month, 3-month and 6-month Reset Programs

2 Appointments

This initial consultation is split into two (2) appointments of 45-minute each one week apart

During the first appointment we will review your intake forms and questionnaires, labs and other medical records, providing me with a clear picture of your goals and health history so a personalized plan can be created. This is the appointment where you lead and I listen.

During the second appointment we will review your personalized wellness plan.  This time I will provide more in-depth details about your plan and provide you with the tools to succeed. This is the appointment where I lead and you join in.

Your personalized plan will include

Reset Programs

1 month Reset Program

This plan is for those who just need a little support and guidance to their current lifestyle and includes

3 month Reset Program

This plan is ideal for those who need moderate support and guidance as they embark on their new lifestyle and includes

6 month Reset Program

Chronic diseases take years to develop and so restoring health is a process. This plan is ideal for those who want to develop life-long habits, and achieve sustainable wellness and includes