On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best health you can have, where would you say you are today?

If you said anything below a 5 tune in to hear Freda’s story and how she transformed her life and went from a 1 to an 8 in just 10 weeks:)

When I first saw Freda, she was late for her appointment. And when she came in I found out that it took her 10 mins to walk from the parking lot to the clinic. She was in so much pain.

It fills my heart with joy to share her journey and to see her transforming! Click ⬇️ to listen to her journey from Freda herself:)

#weightloss and so much more

Do you think you have tried everything to boost your Metabolism?

  • Keto, Paleo, low-fat, weight watchers, Atkins, Mediterranean or other diets??
  • Grazing?
  • Skipping meals?
  • Heavy workouts

🙌🏼If you answered “Yes” to any or all of the questions above and are frustrated about it not working then keep reading coz I have a secret to share…

The secret to boosting Metabolism lies in my Back2Basics Metabolic Reset Program! It is a 10-week group program structured for successful release of weight and transition into a healthy lifestyle for long-term results.

Who is the program for?

It is for anyone looking to lose weight quickly & safely and in the process reverse their chronic disease and feel younger & healthier.

What we do?

In the first 6 weeks, you will focus on releasing weight. Many people release 15-30 pounds and reshape their body during this time. In the second part, you will transition to a lifestyle and maintenance plan so you can continue improving your health, create long-term results and thrive at your new metabolic set point.

Why conventional plans fail?

Many conventional plans fail because they work against your body instead of with it. Eating less and exercising more creates a stress on the body. When your body is stressed, your stress hormones increase and signal your body to hold on to fat for survival. This leads to weight gain and difficulty losing weight

How this works?

Instead of stressing out your body and trying to force an unnatural result that works against your metabolism, we work with your body to send a signal of safety that allows the body to release excess fat.

How is this different?

The Back2Basics Metabolic Reset Program is different because it’s not just a physical transformation – it’s a transformation of your thoughts, behaviors, habits,and beliefs about your health and what is possible for you. It corrects not just the symptom of weight gain and difficulty losing weight, but the overlooked causes that drive the body to store fat.

If you know of anyone who can benefit from being on my transformational Back to Basics Reset program send them my way:)

Cheers to better Metabolic health,


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Niti Shah

Niti Shah

Niti is a health detective who will treat you and not just your symptoms. Her approach is mirrored in the practice name- Back2Basics- treat the root cause and symptoms will disappear. Her mission is to create health and reverse disease by using both undo and redo buttons of functional medicine. Since we are drowning in information, her goal is to not overload you but rather synthesize and give you practical strategies to attain exceptional outcomes. She will meet you where you are in your health and wellness spectrum and guide you further.

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