I have a bountiful fig tree where I harvest about 100 figs daily in season (right now). I enjoy this fruit fresh and then pass it on to friends and family who enjoy this fruit just as much as we do? The fig tree is one of the world’s oldest trees, of which history can be traced back to the first historical events.

Health benefits of figs

Let’s talk about some health benefits of figs and ways to enjoy:

  • Fresh figs are loaded with vitamin A and K, minerals, soluble fiber, natural sugar, and phytonutrients.
  • 100 g of fresh figs can provide 45 calories and 9 g fiber while 100 g of dried figs provide about 200 calories and 2g fiber. Hence, be mindful of consumption when enjoying it as a dried fruit.
  • They have a very sweet and unique taste and have lots of seeds inside giving it a crunchy texture.
  • This versatile fruit can be enjoyed fresh or can be dried and preserved year-long or can be a sweet addition to any recipe.
  • It is highly perishable and since has a high fiber content should be enjoyed in moderation as can have a laxative effect.

    Come visit us in July if you want to taste the sweetness of figs? from my tree…

Tips while choosing figs

  • Freshness : Look for the plump but slightly soft figs. Don’t buy the firm or wrinkled ones.
  • Seasonality: The season to get the most fresh figs is summer and early fall.
  • Storage: They are best eaten within a few days. Ideally need to be stored in a refrigerator.
  • Avoid over-ripeness: If they are very soft or over ripe, they may burst open.
  • Fig latex: Unripe figs can contain latex which may irritate your mouth.Choose ripe ones and be model in the stem are, which usually contain the most latex.

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