How can you boost your kids immunity? 

It is every mother’s wish that her kids have fewer sick days away from school! My 2 cents on a child’s immune system, for your wish to come true!!

During childhood, immune system is still developing and there is a great opportunity to set the stage for improved health. By strengthening their immune system now, we could protect them from serious diseases going forward. It is never too late to make a change!

1. Get back to basics:  Store bought, packaged, good looking and chemical laden food is the reason our kids are falling sick. Sugar depresses the infection fighting activity of white blood cells. Even natural sweetners like honey have similar effects when consumed in excess. Shift the focus to the real food – FRUITS & VEGETABLES.

They are loaded with phytochemicals that enhance immune cell function and protect against diseases.

In a study published in the journal of Epidemiology & community health, kids that ate fruits everyday had 38% lower risk of cancer in later life.

Snack ideas that can come in handy: Trail mix with raw nuts, Sprouts, Cheese string, Baby carrots, Cut cucumber, baby oranges, cut fruits and many more

2. Let them get dirty:

Once a child has been exposed to dirt and germs, immune system responds by trying to expel those germs from the body which in turn strengthens the immunity.

We live in a world of cleanliness paradox! Too much cleanliness can be a problem too.

Avoid antibacterial soaps and gels: Most of them contain chemical triclosan which researchers suspect of contributing to development of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Hand sanitizers are not harmful and OK to use when soap & water are not available.

The best cleanser (any guess) is…. regular soap and water.

3. Play in the SUN/ Outdoors:

SUN is the primary source of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D has a broad effect on your immune system. 20 minutes of exposure to sun everyday will lead to natural production of sufficient amounts of Vitamin D.

Our indoor play & stay habits have led to a Vitamin D deficiency epidemic.

4. Consider natural supplements for treatment when possible:

Ginger root: for superior health

Turmeric: for its anti-allergic properties

Yogurt (unsweetened): for the friendly beneficial bacteria- Lactobacillus

Ashwagandha: for stress relief

Aloe Vera: for dry skin or any skin ailment

Cayenne Pepper: for sore throat applying its anti inflammatory properties.

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