How to soak lentils/beans right to make them non-gassy and more nutritious?

The negative ?culinary image of lentils/beans can be overcome by soaking/cooking it right.
Lentils and beans though being highly nutritious suffer from a negative culinary image as being gassy and responsible for abdominal discomfort. These nutrient-dense foods when whole are called beans and when split are called lentils.

A mistake? I see commonly happening is not soaking it right. The nutritionally superior method is…Soaking the lentils (8 hours) and beans (24 hours) in three times water with a ½ teaspoon of soda bicarbonate and discarding the soaked water and using freshwater while pressure cooking (10-20 minutes) reduces the so-called anti-nutrients: protease inhibitors, lectins, and phytates tremendously and makes them safe to consume. If not soaked long enough, it can cause abdominal discomfort and reduces the absorption of other nutrients in your gut.

Also, the negative effects of these anti-nutrients come into the picture if consumed raw by grinding and using its flour. Please use it only after soaking it long enough for maxing out on ? its health-promoting effects. If soaked right, anyone can enjoy their favorite lentils/beans without the side effects of gas?

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