Decrypting allergies!

In our modern 21st century we have a label for everything – including seasons.

Fall Season has a new terminology: “Allergy Season”    

Come fall or spring and we hear all around: “Allergy season is here!”

The day is not far when our kids will learn in preschools A for “Allergy”. It is in our hands to break the cycle of this modern day epidemic.

Do you take a pill every 12-24 hours to suppress seasonal allergy symptoms mainly during fall and spring? If yes, then keep reading… Here is how I decrypt seasonal allergy as!

Why does Allergies happen?

Allergy is caused when the body’s immune system reacts to a substance such as pollen, dust mite, pollution or household chemical. The body identifies the substance as a threat and produces an inappropriate and exaggerated response to it making you sneeze endlessly or leaving you with itchy- red-swollen-watery eyes.

What does it mean to have Allergies?

What we call “allergies” are actually just symptoms of a body trying to defend itself from perceived threats (Pollen, dust etc). It is our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. It could be a result of weakened immune systems.  There is a reason for everything that happens and this rule applies to the human body as well. Suppressing/stopping these reactions using standard suppression pills would mean totally halting the immune system.

Some recent data shows:

The latest surveys show that the rates of allergy are increasing throughout the world affecting up to 30-35% of people at some stage in their lives. This increase was initially seen in countries such as the UK, Europe and USA but can now be found in all countries undergoing industrial development.

The pattern of allergy is also changing – initially, the increase was in asthma and hay fever. However, recent studies have confirmed a significant increase in the incidence of food allergies particularly amongst children.

Whom can we blame for Allergy epidemic?

These are some of reasons based on data and research available but not given enough weight as the fix is not as simple as taking a pill.

  1. Our diet:

Our obsession towards fast foods, time crunch making us buy ready-made foods which are over processed and under nutritious. There is no mom at restaurants who cares what ingredients went inside the making of food.

Each family needs and dietary requirements are different. There is a fix possible:

Design a diet with nutritious ingredients that fits your lifestyle. I call it Back to Basiks diet   (made with ingredients as it exists in nature eg. butter not man-made or processed in factories eg. Margarine)

  1. Cleanliness: could be to blame too.

The “hygiene hypothesis” proposes children aren’t exposed to enough dirt, bacteria and other infectious agents early on and their under-stimulated immune system goes on the offense when exposed. Let immune systems do their work. No need for hand sanitizers 24/7!!

  1. Vitamin D is so important for the immune system.

Deficiency of vitamin D is increasing throughout the world mainly because of sunlight avoidance through spending more time indoors or using sun-screen to reduce risk of skin cancer (most vitamin D is produced by the action of natural sunlight on skin).

Human beings were not created to be indoors all the time. We are closer to nature occasionally mostly on weekends. We are starving ourselves of the best source of Vitamin D- The Sun.

20 minutes a day outdoors is good enough to make ample daily requirement of sunshine vitamin. (Walking back and forth from car in a parking lot is the most I am outdoors at times)

  1. Antibiotics and Vaccines:

Over the last 100 years, vaccines and antibiotics have radically changed our lives and defeated many infections that previously killed large numbers of the population. The continued use of vaccines is essential to protect the health of our children and the nation. However, the cost of this may be the reduction in the pressure placed on immune system to mount a strong immune response against infectious agents. This may be one of the factors why our immune systems are now reacting to allergens.

My 2 cents here:

Most allergy problems can be eliminated with a healthy diet that is low in processed foods such as sugars, simple carbohydrates and chemicals. We cannot undo everything but try to lead a life closer to nature and eat a diet with ingredients made by nature (butter) not man-made (margarine). Remember real food does not come in packets.

Some Magical nutrients that can work to your rescue are: Green tea, apple cider vinegar (ACV), honey, yogurt, coconut oil.

Does your mom say – “I never heard of Allergies in our time!”

Wonder question: Why your Grandparents didn’t have Allergies—but you do?

I found answer to a question I long carried in my head but did not have time to solve the puzzle. Glad someone did it for me!
Read this if it concerns you to see an epidemic of allergies all around!

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