Think…Vegetarian or Grainatarian?

For many many years, I thought ?of myself as being a Vegetarian, eating some vegetables, and a lot of grains. Truly speaking I was a “Grainatarian.” Born in India, my cultural and religious beliefs taught me to be a vegetarian? Nothing that I did specifically.

One day during a casual discussion before a meeting, a friend out of curiosity? asked me how many vegetables do I consume daily as a vegetarian? This question of hers made me pause and on analyzing my intake I found myself relishing rice? and tortillas/flatbreads? mainly with a side of curry/vegetables/or lentils and plenty of dairy products.
What?….I finally realized that I was a vegetarian who ate very little vegetables! An eye-opener?️

On looking closely putting on my nutritionist lenses, I found some answers to the questions I had never thought of earlier. Even though 40% of the population in India follow a vegetarian dietary pattern, why aren’t they among the world’s healthiest people? My brain connected the dots. Plant-based dietary pattern is great once we make the right choices??
Lots of fruits and vegetables, lentils/beans, nuts, seeds, and a side of grains are a part of my daily nutrition now. Along the way, I gave up dairy too so now a true Vegan? That’s my story!

Now tell me what your dietary analysis reveals below?? ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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