Do we really need to get off all sources of sugar? If you understand what is a carbohydrate and how it is absorbed in our body and identify the naturally occurring- great sources of carbohydrates, we probably can incorporate those good sources and remove the processed sources of carbohydrates/sugar. That was the purpose of workshop. But would also say, in the quest to eat right and don’t forget to enjoy your food! Otherwise, the purpose is lost😊

Attached below are the presentation slides from the workshop. Looking forward to sharing more.

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Niti Shah

Niti Shah

Niti is a health detective who will treat you and not just your symptoms. Her approach is mirrored in the practice name- Back2Basics- treat the root cause and symptoms will disappear. Her mission is to create health and reverse disease by using both undo and redo buttons of functional medicine. Since we are drowning in information, her goal is to not overload you but rather synthesize and give you practical strategies to attain exceptional outcomes. She will meet you where you are in your health and wellness spectrum and guide you further.

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